It’s simple, really.

I want to start a movement of people living Life on the High Wire – people going after anything and everything they want.

I’m guessing you’re that kind of people.

Maybe you’re creative and want to make great art, or turn your ideas into a business.

Maybe you’ve already got a business but want it to be more successful.

Maybe you’ve got a job, but you’re juggling that with family, hobbies, and friends, and you need some balance, some room to breathe.

Or maybe you’d like to take your work with you and live anywhere you choose.

The thing is, you’re not willing to settle for what is. You want what could be.

If any of this describes you, I’d love you to be a regular reader.

I’ll share tips, how-to’s, videos, and expert interviews that’ll teach you how to get the creative, independent, hugely satisfying life you deserve.

Most importantly, my aim is to keep you inspired and motivated to travel whatever path you’re on.